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Welcome to Easymakesocial+

When you are looking for an application to grow your business, and expand your brand, you should think of easymakesocial+.   Place the power of growing your business digital footprint from a single dashboard. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise organization, easymakesocial+ provides the power of the right marketing mix to help influence the market.  Use easymakesocial+ to capture leads, sell products, or to get the most from your social media activity; all of it is available with this easy to use application.

Measure Your Marketing With Easy To Understand Metrics

Easymakesocial+  Dashboard is designed in a way so that users can run the application appropriately. Also, the Dashboard gives information with Graphical Analytics.


Monthly/Weekly/Daily Statistics

View your interaction daily, weekly, or monthly.

Graphical Analytics

The Easymakesocial+ Dashboard will show the Graphical Statistics on subscribers’ interaction in the last month and 24-hour interaction.

Feature Performance Overview

Easymakesocial+ Dashboard allows you to monitor, track, analyze, and evaluate your social media performance by providing the visualized data. In a word, it provides a detailed and complete overview of the features you’re using. This becomes an information management tool.


Easymakesocial+ Features

Messenger Marketing

Easymakesocial+ permits setting a Messenger Bot for many Facebook Pages. And the Messenger Bot can reply with text, image, video, GIF, post back button, quick reply, Generic template, and carousel template

Social Media Marketing

 Post on Facebook Pages and other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn. Posts with Text, Image, GIF, Audio, Video, Link, Slider/Carousel, and CTA posting of Facebook pages. 

Email Marketing

Easymakesocial+ can automatically send bulk emails to your customers’ email. You just have to import your customers’ email. It permits importing as many emails as you want.

Ecommerce Marketing

Easymakesocial+  provides a unique feature called E-commerce in messenger.  It is the first feature ever introduced by any marketing-related software in the entire world. With this special feature, you can sell any kind of products including food items directly through Facebook Messenger.

SMS/Text Message Marketing

Utilizing easymakesocial+,  you can send automated Bot replies to Bot Subscribers. Moreover, you also can send bulk SMS to your optin clients’ mobile phones. Send announcements/updates, special offers, discounts, and more. Reach your clients where they are most likely to engage. 

Analytical & Comparison Marketing

Generate Analytical Report on the Messenger Bot Usage on Facebook Pages with Graphical Interface. Compare two websites and deliver the report on the comparison between the two websites.

Setup Ecommerce Stores and Drive Sales

With the Easymakesocial+  E-commerce in messenger feature, you will have the ability to use messenger as a streamlined resource to promote and sell your products and services.

Easy Set up Store Dashboard

Give your store a name. Share your location. Setup your logo, and favicon to establish your store brand.

Set up Categories and Products

Build your inventory within the Easymakesocial+ action tab and list your products. Itemize them by categories, and multiple variations.

Establish Order Delivery System

Easymakesocial+ gives you the ability to set up payment gateways. Connect your Paypal or Stripe Accounts.



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